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We value your privacy - here's how we do it.

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This Privacy Policy describes how SquareFlow Holdings Limited and subsidiaries (hereinafter referenced to as "Elyp", Elyp hereinafter referenced to as "the Service", "we", "us", "our") and its affiliates collect, use and share information in the context of Your use of the Service and / or the Services provided by Elyp.

Elyp may collect and receive information related to Your person from various sources, (including, but not limited to, information You provide through Your user account, by ordering Services, through Your use of the Services). We recommend that You read this Privacy Policy to ensure that You are fully informed about which data Elyp collects and stores.

1. Information we collect

  1. Account registration: By creating an account for accessing the Service, You may be asked for certain information, including, but not limited to, items such as Your name, company name, biling address and Your email address. Some of these items may not be mandatory for creating an account, this information can optionally be provided by You at Your sole discretion.
  2. Payments: When entering any information related to payments, such as Your credit card number or Your credit card expire date, that information is relayed to a third-party payment processor. Elyp does not store any data bound to any method of payment provided by the Service other than technically required for processing the payment, such as transaction identifiers.
  3. Content: Any information related to the ordering of Services, (including, but not limited to, hostnames, passwords, labels) is stored on our systems for the duration of using the Services. Information related to orders of Services may, in full extent or partially, be permanently stored for technical and / or billing purposes.

2. Information we collect by accessing and / or using the Services

  1. By accessing the Service, Elyp may automatically gather information such as IP addresses, browser type, user-agent, internet Service provider, referring pages, operating system, date and time.
  2. By using the Service and / or the Services, Elyp may collect metrics about Your usage of the Service and / or the Services, such as CPU usage, Memory usage, Disk utilisation and other system metrics. This information is required for both the improvement of our Services, as well as the operability of the Service and the Services.

3. How we use information

  1. Enforcing our Terms of Service and other legal rights not otherwise specified
  2. Provide, operate and maintain the Service and / or the Services
  3. Track the performance of the Service and / or the Services
  4. Improve the Service and / or the Services based on Your usage
  5. Process Your orders of Services
  6. Process Your transactions
  7. Communicate with you
  8. Prevent fraud

4. How we share information

  1. Third-Parties: Elyp does generally not share any of the information collected from You by accessing / and or using the Service and / or the Services. If technically or otherwise required, for the operability of the Service and / or the Service, Elyp may share Your information with a third-party in the most limited fashion.
  2. Law: Elyp may also share information collected from You to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request, to enforce this Policy and our Terms of Service, including investigation of potential violations hereof, detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud.

5. Why we process information

The legal basis for collecting and using personal information aquired through You by accessing and / or using the Service and / or the Services is the requirement for technical operability. This means that normally, Elyp only collects personal information to the extent that is necessary to operate the Service and / or provide the Services to you.

6. Security

Elyp values privacy just as much as any end user does. Elyp utilises security measures, such as hashing passwords, encrypting other information, to protect Your personal security. Even though based on todays standards these measurements should suffice to protect information, we can not guarantee to the full extent that Your information is 100% secure. This is the internet, after all.